Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wood Blinds with Color

Q: I love real wood blinds but, well, my room is a bit dark to begin with and I'm hesitant about the darker grains of wood. The room is small and I would really like to brighten it up a bit. Do they come in lighter or more colorful styles?

A: Yes they do! And you'll see that wood blinds (and faux wood blinds) come in all sorts of great colors and stains. You can choose lighter natural woods like maple or get one with a painted finish. Just because you have wood blinds, doesn't mean you need to keep the color of the wood!

You'd be amazed at the variety of colors you can get on wood blinds. There's everything from white to dark greens and blacks. This gives you a great opportunity to match anything in your room or, like you said, brighten things up a bit to make the room look bigger. There are a ton a gorgeous soft paint colors available. That way you get the real wood look with a lighter touch.

Of course, if you change you're mind, you can always order the darker stains or real cherry or oak. They're beautiful!

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