Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blocking Light with Wood and Faux Wood Blinds – Routless

Q: I'm planning on putting wood blinds in my living room but don't like the rout holes that the strings go through. Since I don't like the look of cloth tape, I wondered if you had any other suggestions.

A: Of Course! Both wood and faux wood blinds come in routless styles that completely eliminate the little holes in each slat. They look exactly the same as regular wood blinds, just without those little holes. These are great because you won't even notice the difference until you tilt the slats shut and, voila! No little rout holes!

If you're wondering how they work, there's actually a little groove on the side of each slat where the cord sits to control lift and tilt. You'll still have the same traditional ladders as regular wood and faux wood blinds, you just won't have the holes anymore. It's a great way to combine the look you want with better light control.

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