Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blocking Light with Wood and Faux Wood Blinds – Cloth Tapes

Q: I really want wood blinds for my home office but noticed that a lot of them have those little holes in the slats where light peeks through. Is there any way to block those little rays of light?

A: Yes! In fact, both wood and faux wood blinds come in styles with cloth tapes that block rout holes (those little holes on each slat where the string/ladders run through it). Cloth tapes run down the full length of your blind and they're available on almost every brand and style of both wood and faux wood. They're attached directly to the blind so you don't have to worry about those little light holes any more.

The best part about these tapes is that they can be customized! You can get wood blinds with cloth tapes ranging from 3/4” to 1 1/2” thick and faux wood comes with either 1” or 2” cloth tapes. Usually, you want a narrow tape if you're looking for a narrower slat, but it's really up to you. They come in lots of colors, too so you can match not only the wood or faux wood to your home, but the cloth, too!

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