Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cordless Shades

Q: I'm trying to redecorate in a kid-friendly way since my grandkids are still very young (and I have more on the way!). Do you have any recommendations for shades or blinds that are cordless?

A: Yes, in fact, cellular shades, wood blinds, and roller and solar shades all come with cordless options. Not only does cordless help minimize safety hazards, it also streamlines your windows and adds to an overall elegant look!

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades or blinds, are made of layers of fabric that trap air to help insulate your windows. They come in all shades and colors, with multiple cell counts and also come with room darkening or light filtering qualities

Standard wood blinds also come with cordless options. That way you get the same traditional appeal of wood but without long dangerous cords! Roller shades and solar shades are also great options because they can come with spring-lift systems that eliminate the need for cords altogether! All of these options are perfect if you want beautiful shades without any cords.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vertical Shade Alternatives

Q: I need vertical shades for a large front window in my home and wanted to know if there were any other types of vertical blinds besides traditional slats.

A: Yes, in recent years, blind manufacturers have come up with incredibly fashionable alternatives to conventional vertical blinds. Sheer verticals, cellular, and sheerweave are the most common among them.

Sheer vertical blinds have been around for years and mimic the same soft appeal of sheer horizontal shades. These unique blinds provide both privacy and light filtering capabilities and give you soft aesthetics, too.

Cellular shades, those unique shades that trap air when in use, are now available as vertical shades! They're best known for their sleek design and energy-saving capabilities, helping you insulate your room against excess cold or heat while giving you a simple yet functional shade.

There are also sheerweave and solar shades that are available as vertical shades. These shades give you all the view while still blocking harsh sunlight. They're another great alternatives to traditional verticals if you're looking for a more contemporary or low-profile design.