Thursday, November 27, 2008

Light Filtering Vertical Blinds

Q: Hi, I wanted to know if there were vertical blinds available that also had light filtering qualities. I need to block light, too, but also wanted ones that would diffuse bright light on occasion. Any suggestions?

A: Great question! It sounds like you're looking for sheer verticals shades. You may have heard of sheer horizontal shades that have a combination of opaque and light filtering fabrics that both block and diffuse light depending on how you tilt the slats. Sheer vertical shades use the same principal: Suspended opaque vanes help block the light but, when you tilt them open, light is diffused through sheer fabric.

Personally, I love the versatility of these blinds. You can block light to darken the room, tilt the vanes open to bring soft light in, or open them completely to give you even more light. The fabric and color options also give a nice soft look to your room, which is especially important if you're hoping to use them for a bedroom or den.

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