Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blocking Light with Wood and Faux Wood Blinds – Slat Shapes

Q: I want to put wood or faux wood blinds in my den but I've noticed that many styles still let a little light through between the slats. Are there any styles that minimize this problem?

A: Yes! You actually have a couple different options depending on what type of blind you want. Fortunately, faux wood blinds come with a unique slat option that has an “S” curve to the slats, making them fit snuggly against one another when they're tilted shut. The curve is so subtle, you hardly notice it, but it can really help block those bands of light when the slats are closed. I love this feature because it combines the look and feel real wood with greater light control and durability.

If you want real wood, however, take a look at the different slats from the manufacturers. While some have flat slats (that give you the appeal of shutters and traditional blinds), others have slightly curved or beveled slats that help reduce light when they're tilted shut. Real wood blinds are fantastic, but take a look at all your options before deciding on the perfect room-darkening blind for your home.

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