Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trim Options Available on Roller Shades

Q: I'm looking into getting roller shades for my apartment but I'm not really into the modern/contemporary styles. What kinds of options do I have to go with a more traditional style?

A: Not only do roller shades come in classic fabrics, they're also available with different trim styles, too! Since it sounds like you're looking for softer lines and trims, you might want to check out the different shapes and pull tag styles that come with roller shades.

Believe it or not, you have tons of options. Tassels, ropes, and embroidery help incorporate roller shades into a more traditional room and can soften the straight lines of these shades. You can even go one step further and request a different shape for the bottom of your blind. There's conventional scalloped edges, slightly more modern waves, or even combinations of different designs. Pair a neat edge or trim with a decorative tassel or trinket pull and you have a completely different look. Honestly, with all the options available, the possibilities are almost endless!

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