Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Valences for Roller Shades

Q: I've decided to purchase roller shades for my windows (they're shallow) but I really want a more traditional look so I'm wondering if there are valence options for these kinds of shades.

A: Actually, Hunter Douglas has cassette roll covers that give roller shades a much more finished look. These cassette covers are designed to hide the hardware (the roll) at the top of the window and come in the same colors as their roller shades. They're curved and low-profile, meaning you can use them as valences if you're looking for a sleek design. To be perfectly honest, they're actually really attractive and perfect to give your shades a seamless look.

Of course, you can always combine the cassette roll cover with a traditional valence like the one in the photo. The cassette cover gives you a little more flexibility in choosing what kind of valence you want to install. By covering the roll with a low-profile cassette cover, you hide the hardware with something that blends with the shade. That way you can put up a short, translucent, or decorative valence without worrying about hiding the roll!

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