Thursday, December 18, 2008

Easy-to-Clean Shades

Q: I just transformed an extra bedroom into a playroom for the kids. Any suggestions on functional (and safe!) shades that are durable and easy to clean?

A: Both faux wood blinds and roller shades are incredibly durable and easy to clean. Faux wood blinds look great and are fantastic for almost any room and they hold up well under all kinds of conditions. They can take quite a beating and are very easy to clean. In fact, these shades are the perfect choice for homes that need durable window shades that can withstand lots of activity and still look fantastic!

Roller shades also make great additions to playrooms or gamerooms. Dress these shades up or down with different trims and fabric options, too. They have a great flat, low-profile design and have different kid-friendly control options, too. You can get them with continuous cord loops or spring-lift systems to improve safety.

Both of these shade choices are great and give you lots of options in colors, styles, and safety.

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