Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Control Options for Cellular Shades

Q: I'm about to order cellular shades but I wanted to know what control options were available. I have a few tall living room windows as well as some in bedrooms where my little niece often sleeps. Thanks for your help!

A: There are four main control types for cellular shades: Ultra glide, cordless, continuous cord loop, and remote controlled. If you're planning on installing cellular shades in a guest room or bedroom for small children, you may want to think about getting the cordless or ultraglide options. Cordless shades are just that: cordless. They let you lift and lower the shade by gently guiding the bottom bar. Ultraglide is the Hunter Douglas safety blind that keeps the control cords at very short lengths. Continuous cord loops are also good since they also maintain a consistent cord length.

As for your tall living room windows, go motorized! It can be really difficult to reach some of the controls if your windows are really high. Remote controlled blinds are great for this and also perfect for skylights if you have any. Simply sit back and push a button!

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