Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dressing Up Roller Shades

Q: I'd like to put some roller shades in my home, but I'm afraid they'd look a little plain. I like the straight edge, but don't necessarily like tassels or fancy trim. Is there any other way to dress them up?

A: Yes! Hunter Douglas actually gives you more contemporary straight-edged trim options that look fantastic. Roller shades are nice because you can dress them down and blend them in with your d├ęcor or give them flair with trim and fabric options to dress them up. Traditional roller shade trim options include scalloped or waved edges, decorative pulls, and fancy trims like lace and tassels. These are great, but if your looking for something more sleek or modern, you'll want to look at the options under Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas has tape trims and even faux wood slat trims to give just a little hint of fashion to your roller shades. The designer tape trims are nice because they're low-profile and give just enough pizazz to your shades to accent your room. HD makes three styles of these: Herringbone, Casual Stripe, and Casual Solid. If you're looking for something with a little more weight, faux wood slats are great, too, but I personally love the look of the tapes.

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