Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Styles of Roman Shades

Q: I just recently discovered that roman shades come in different styles. I'm so used to the traditional shades, I was wondering if you could explain what other styles are available.

A: Great question! Most people think associate flat traditional styles with roman shades, but they also come in teardrop/hobbled and relaxed styles. Just as their name implies, flat roman shades lay flat against the window when they're pulled closed. You'll still get the folded fabric effect at the end, but the part of the shade that's in use will lay flat and give you that wonderful traditional look.

A lot of people also like the teardrop/hobbled look. This style keeps the horizontal folds even when the shade is pulled shut (just like the picture I've added). This is a little more contemporary and is great if you're looking for a slightly more modern style.

The relaxed roman shades are not as well known but are just as soft and stylish as the rest. These shades lay flat against the window like the flat styles, but have a more relaxed appearance at the bottom. I like this style because it looks a lot like old movie theater curtains and has that same warm appeal.

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