Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vane Types for Vertical Blinds

Q: I really need vertical blinds for my sliding glass door but hate the look of vinyl. What other types of vanes/slats are available?

A: Thankfully, there are lots of options beyond traditional vinyl vertical blinds. Although vinyl is easy to clean, it's not always the most attractive option (not to mention they're noisy!). Lots of companies now offer different types of fabric vertical blinds, both rigid and soft. These fabrics are fantastic because they give you options for light filtering or room darkening vertical blinds.

Free-hanging fabric vanes are quiet, soft on the eye and ear, and, in my opinion, very elegant. They come in lots of different colors and fabric styles so you can choose ones that blend well with your room or style. Fabric vanes also come with optional PVC inserts that keep them rigid. These are nice because they offer the same fabric look, but with much better room darkening qualities. And they're quiet, too!

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