Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blocking AND Filtering Light

Q: My living room/media room faces the backyard and, although I love the light that comes in later in the day, I need something that will filter out the direct sun without totally blocking the light. The problem is, I also need a shade that will darken the same room during the day when we watch movies. Any suggestions?

A: Two-In-One Cellular Shades! I actually mentioned these in a previous blog post about top down/bottom up shades. Two-In-One shades, or Dual Shades, are a variation of the top down/bottom up design. These cellular shades have three rails: a bottom rail, a middle rail, and the headrail. While the headrail remains stable, the other two can move up and down and you can actually choose different types of shades to mount between them. Since they don't overlap, you actually get two different shades in a single mounted headrail! And each of them collapses so you can use them separately if you want, too.

For example, when you want to watch movies, simply lower the bottom rail to use the room darkening shade. When the movie's over and you want a little more light, move the middle rail down to expose the light-filtering shade. See, a perfect match!

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