Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shade Safety Features for Homes with Children

Q: I have young children and am very concerned about their safety around blinds. What are some features I should be looking for when choosing good window treatments?

A: If you're looking for conventional blinds and shades, look for ones with cordless or motorized controls or styles that maintain short cord lengths. Lots of cellular shades, for instance, have manual control options that allow you to raise or lower the shades by manually lifting or lowering the bar. Since these are cordless, they're perfect around young children! (Not to mention cellular shades are soft on small hands, too) Roller shades also come with manual, spring lift controls that don't have cords, either.

Motorized shades are also kid-friendly. A lot of these come in cellular shade styles and are great for big windows where the controls are far above the floor (and out of reach!). I also like the look and function of short cords that are designed to maintain a continuous short length. Hunter Douglas makes one for cellular shades and roman and roller shades both come in styles with continuous cord loops. These are inexpensive, easy to use, and very safe!

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