Thursday, October 2, 2008

Skylight Shade Options

Q: I have a few skylights in my house and need some sort of shade that can help me control the sunlight. What are my options?

A: Your best bet is to use cellular skylight shades. In fact, if your skylight is really high on your ceiling, you might even want to consider getting ones that are remote controlled. Some brands have long poles you can use to raise and lower your skylight shades, but remote controls are a lot more convenient.

Cellular skylight shades are basically the same cellular shades made for other windows, except they run on tracks that keep them flat against your skylight. The best part about these shades is that they come in all sorts of light filtering or room darkening styles which means you have total control over the light. Cellular shades are also energy efficient which helps you save money, too. Not to mention that cellular shades look fantastic on ANY window!

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