Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Look of Cellular Without the Price

Q: I love the look of cellular blinds but I'm on a tight budget. Any suggestions?

A: You might want to try pleated shades since they look a lot like cellular blinds but are much more affordable.

With pleated shades you get the same look as cellular shades, but without the actual air cells that make cellular shades more expensive. If you need energy savings or noise reduction, however, you still might want to consider investing in good cellular shades. Otherwise, a pleated shade makes a great alternative.

Pleated shades are especially nice because they come in the same color selection as cellular shades. Light filtering pleated shades are gorgeous in bedrooms and living rooms and I love the way they look in the middle of the day! These even make great alternatives to other kinds of light filtering shades like roller shades or sheer horizontal shades because they have that modern, pleated look that makes cellular shades so popular.

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