Thursday, September 11, 2008

Light Filtering Horizontal Blinds

Q: I love horizontal blinds, but I like the light filtering qualities of some thinner shades, too. Is there any way to get both?

A: Try sheer horizontal shades!

Sheer horizontal shades are great for filtering bright light but they're also perfect for privacy, too. If you like the slatted look of regular horizontal blinds, you'll love sheer horizontal shades. Although they don't have rigid slats (the “slats” of sheer horizontal blinds are actually slips of opaque fabric), these shades still look like traditional blinds.

The best part about sheer horizontal shades is the sheer fabric that holds them together. When you tilt the fabric vanes open, you get filtered light. Tilt the blinds shut and you can block more light and get a lot more privacy. I'd highly recommend sheer horizontal shades for rooms with really bright sunlight because you can filter the light or block it completely. They also come in a wide range of colors and have a beautiful soft look that's especially nice for bedrooms or living rooms.

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