Thursday, September 18, 2008

What are Cell Counts?

Q: Cellular blinds come in lots of different cell counts. What's the difference?

A: There are so many options with cellular shades, it's sometimes hard to tell them apart!

Most cellular shades come in single, double, or triple cell layers. Obviously, a single layer of cells is usually thinner than double or triple cell layers, but this isn't always the case. Since cellular shades come in lots of cell sizes (like I said, there are LOTS of options with cellular shades) a single layer of large cells can sometimes be as thick as a double layer of small cells!

Mostly, though, cell counts (referring to cell layers, of course) give cellular shades their trademark insulating qualities. Triple cell layers give you more insulation against heat and noise than double layers, and double give more than single. It's actually pretty easy, but you'll need to keep in mind the depth of your window, too. Triple layer cellular shades are great, but they can get pretty thick!


  1. I'm still confused about what all the different cell sizes do for me. There's single, double and triple.

    If I'm looking for a shade for my bathroom (which I am) and all I care about is privacy, which one should I choose?

  2. Great question!

    Triple cell are designed primarily for energy savings. With 3 layers of cells, each layer traps more air, increasing they insulating ability.

    Double cells insulate better than single cells.

    In your case of wanting privacy, I would go with a single cell since you are not after insulation primarily.