Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let in Light AND the View

Q: I LOVE to cook, and just moved into a house with an amazing view out of the kitchen window. The only problem is that the sun streams in late in the day. I need to block the light, but don't want to interfere with the view. Have any ideas?

A: This is a REALLY common problem, especially with people who live in the country and love to watch the wildlife but don't like the bright sun. You might want to try solar shades. They work a lot like light diffusing shades but have a different sort of weave that allows you to see out the window, too. There are lots of different styles and colors and you can choose ones that block a little or a lot of the light.

I'd recommend solar shades for any room where you love the view but where privacy is not necessarily a priority. If your neighbors are close enough to see into your kitchen at night, you might want to consider combining solar shades with drapes to give you more privacy at night. While these shades are perfect for letting you see out, they also let others see IN.

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