Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trims and Edges for Roller Shades

Q: I'm planning on putting roller shades in my condo but wanted to dress them up a bit. Can you tell me a little more about trim options?

A: Of course! While you can dress up roller shades by choosing different fabric options, you can also choose different trims and shapes for the bottom edge. Most roller shades come standard with a flat (horizon) hem but Hunter Douglas lets you spruce up your roller shades by offering seven other hem styles: Horizon with trim, half moon, scallops and shells, breakers, wave, broken scallop and seagull. Each of these hem styles also comes with trim options that resemble the decorative trims on expensive curtains or pillows.

If you want a more modern design, I'd recommend the more contemporary decorative tape trims. These follow the same horizontal style as traditional roller shades but have nice clean lines that fit a more modern style. They look great on big windows and work really well in almost any space. Hunter Douglas does a great job of giving you lots of options for colors, fabrics, and light filtering, too!

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