Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soft Blind Alternatives

Q: I'm hoping to find something that functions like a blind but isn't rough or rigid like traditional wood or aluminum. Basically, I want the versatility without the slats. Can you help?

A: Of course! There are a few “blind alternatives” available. The most common are sheer horizontal blinds but there are other popular options like cellular and pleated shades. If you really want the slat “look” but with softer tones or light filtering, then you'll want to go with sheer horizontal shades. These shades have strips of opaque fabric suspended between sheer panels so that you have the best possible light control. You can leave the “slats” open to let in soft, diffused light, or you can tilt them shut for better privacy or to darken the room. Of course you can also raise these and let in full sunlight, too.

Cellular and pleated shades look a lot like traditional blinds but are solid pieces of fabric rather than slatted. These are great options for more contemporary looks but are still soft to the touch. In fact, cellular blinds have the added benefit of insulating your window against energy loss and noise.

My personal favorites are the sheer horizontal blinds because you have so many options for light control. But honestly, any way you go, all of these are great, soft alternatives to your traditional slatted blinds!

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