Thursday, January 15, 2009

Light Filtering Shades and Blinds

Q: I need shades that will filter light instead of blocking it but I only know of a few styles. Could you give me some of the most popular (and maybe some not-as-well-known) styles that come in light-filtering styles?

A: Yes! The most common shades styles with light filtering options are cellular shades, roller shades, solar shades, roman shades, and sheer horizontal and vertical shades. Yes, believe it or not, roller shades and roman shades both come in styles that let diffused light into the room. In fact, all of the above styles come in lots of different colors and textures for light filtering. Darker colors, of course, will block a little more light while lighter colors will certainly brighten up a room.

Sheer horizontal and sheer vertical shades also look great! In fact, these provide extreme versatility in light filtering options. These shades combine very sheer and light-diffusing fabrics to give you multiple options in how much light you want to let in. Lots of colors make these a great option, too!

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