Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Versatile Shades for All Seasons

Q: My home has a ton of windows that face south so there's always light all year round, which means I need shade and privacy all year round, too. Can you suggest a shade that suits my fall and winter style but still matches my summer d├ęcor? Thanks.

A: Roller shades would be perfect for your home! These sleek, simple shades come in a wide range of light filtering and room darkening styles that can help diffuse bright light in the summer and create elegant ambiance in the winter.

Not to mention they come in a huge range of colors, texutres, fabrics, and prints. While certain textures or prints are best suited to specific times of year, the range of options means that you can choose a roller shade that will match your decorations all year round.

And, the low-profile design makes it easy to combine window treatments at any time of year. For example, for a sleek, simple look in summer, let the roller shade stand alone or combine it with a simple cassette cover for the roller bar. In the winter, you can hang drapes over and around the roller shade for a heavier, warmer look without loosing the versatility of light control.

Your options are endless!

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