Monday, October 11, 2010

Routless vs Cloth Tape in Wood Blinds

Q: I've done a lot of research and finally decided on installing wood blinds in my living room, but I'm a little concerned about glare. I know there are options for reducing those little light spots, but I need some help. Can you explain the difference between cloth tapes and routless and why I might choose one over the other?

A: Great question! When comparing routless and cloth tape, it's important to recognize the aesthetics of your window and the purpose of your blind. You've already mentioned that you want to minimize the glare caused by the small holes in the slats and have narrowed your choices down to routless or cloth tapes. Now the differences...

Cloth tapes create an actual barrier to those route holes by covering the strings (and therefore the holes they run through) down the length of the blind. This option can be perfect if you want to add a splash of color to your blinds or coordinate them with existing interior pallets. It's an inexpensive option to block the glare from route holes and add some personalization, too!

Routless wood blinds eliminate the need for those tiny route holes in the slats by weaving the ladders (controlling strings) underneath and between slats. They look and move just like conventional wood blinds but without the holes, giving you a great option if you don't want to change or personalize the look of your blinds.

Either option is great for reducing glare and I'm sure you'll find the perfect wood blinds for your room.

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