Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Controlling Light at Dawn and Dusk

Q: My living room faces west and although the views of the sunset are fantastic, I need shades that can block the light, yet still let in some of the natural light through those windows. Are there any shades that can block just the direct sun?

A: Top down/bottom up shades would be perfect! With top down/bottom up, you can raise and lower the shades from either the top rail (normal) or the bottom. This means that you can choose to block or filter just the top or just the lower part of your window, still allowing sunlight to filter into your home while still blocking direct light.

Cellular shades are the most popular style of these types of shades and come in a variety of light filtering and room darkening options. If you want a shade that generally allows light to filter into your home, you may want to choose a light filtering or light diffusing option. If you want a shade that will help darken your room at any time of day, you may want an opaque or room-darkening shade.

Either way, top down/bottom up cellular shades are a great choice for homeowners hoping to block only direct light, no matter which part of the window it comes through!

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