Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Enjoying the View AND the Sun

Q: I just bought a house with an incredible view out the front windows. I love it, but I'd like a little more privacy during the day while still being able to enjoy those gorgeous mountains! What kind of shade can I get that lets me have both?

A: You'll probably want to invest in sheer shades. Sheer shades, also known as solar shades, are designed to maximize control over light while still allowing homeowners to enjoy the view. These gorgeous shades decrease direct sunlight while simultaneously providing a degree of privacy during the day.

Solar shades and sheer shades are created with “openness” factors that allow a certain percentage of sunlight to come through. Large openness factors (usually between 14% and 15%) give you maximum view and maximum light. While these are great for huge private yards, they may not be the best choice for street-facing windows or ones where direct sunlight can be a problem.

Since solar shades come in a wide range of weaves (between 15% openness and 3% openness) you have a lot of choice in daytime privacy, sun control, and preservation of the view. And, if you need more privacy at night, these compact shades can easily be combined with drapes or other blinds.

Enjoy those mountains!

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