Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Easy Maintenance Blinds and Shades

Q: What kind of blind can you get that you don’t have to dust? Or, better yet, is there a maintenance-free blind?

A: Although all blinds require some maintenance, roman shades and roller shades often offer the best options for easy cleaning.

Roman shades are essentially drapes that work like shades and blinds. These unique window coverings can collect some dust, but they’re much easier to clean and maintain than your average slatted blinds.

Your best bet, however, is probably roller shades. These flat pieces of fabric or vinyl are easy and quick to wipe down and keep clean on a regular basis. They’re also very durable and are great for homes with high traffic and lots of activity. Simply pull down the shades and wipe them clean. And, since roller shades come in a wide variety of colors and textures, these simplistic shades may be your best option to complete your home.

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