Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mini Blinds with Two Colors

Q: I want to buy new mini blinds for my daughter's apartment at college but her neighborhood requires all street-facing blinds to be white. Do I have any options besides getting her plain white mini blinds?

A: Thankfully, Hunter Douglas and Levolor make blinds that are colored on the inside and white on the outside. Like most other mini blinds, both of these blinds are made with aluminum slats that are great for creating quality shade and light control on a budget.

The Hunter Douglas lines of two-tone blinds are called Duotone and Lightlines. The Duotone blinds are standard 1” aluminum blinds with color on one side of the slat and white on the other. Lightlines are identical to Duotones except they give even more light control by eliminating the route holes in the slats. This can be especially useful for preventing unwanted glare on computer screens during late night study sessions.

Much like Lightlines, Levolor's Tiltone uses routleess slats that prevent unwanted light from entering the room. And, like their alternatives, Tiltone gives you a choice in colors for the inside of the room while still conforming to neighborhood regulations on the outside.

With Hunter Douglas and Levolor you can follow the rules and still have style!

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