Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ideal Blinds for Kitchen and Bath

Q: I'm remodelling my kitchen and guest bathroom and want to coordinate the blinds in both. Any ideas for something that looks great but also resists moisture?

A: You might want to consider faux wood blinds. These blinds look and function like normal wood blinds but are made from synthetic materials that are easy to clean and resist humidity and water. Unlike older styles of faux wood blinds, manufacturers now make blinds that look and feel so close to real wood it's difficult to tell the difference!

You also have the ability to choose the stain and style of your faux wood blinds which makes them an ideal choice for coordinating with existing cabinets and fixtures. This means that you have more flexibility with choosing blinds that either match or compliment the wood in your kitchen or bath.

They're easy to clean, too. Simply dust or wipe down with a wet rag and your blinds are clean! With faux wood blinds you won't have to worry about food stains, water damage, or grease. They're easy to clean and continue to resist water for the lifetime of the blinds.

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