Sunday, January 9, 2011

Versatile Light Control

Q: I just bought a home with gorgeous views out the south and east sides. My problem is that, while I like the sunrise and light, I really don't like the glare early on in the day (and on the south side in the winter months). Are there any shades that could block the glare but not the view or the light?

A: There are two suggestions, actually. One would be solar shades and the other top down/bottom up cellular shades. Solar shades are like regular roller shades but, instead of blocking the window completely, they allow some light to filter though while still decreasing the glare. The best part about these shades is that they preserve the view even through the shade.

The second alternative would be to install cellular shades with the top down/bottom up feature. In addition to trapping air in pockets against the window and creating a small insulating barrier, top down/bottom up cellular shades give you versatile options for adjusting the shade on your window. You can use them like a normal shade that always drops from the top rail OR you can actually lower the top of the shade to block only the middle or bottom portion of the window.

Top down/bottom up cellular shades are perfect for individuals who want to block low direct sunlight without blocking the whole window.

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