Thursday, December 9, 2010

Endless Variety with Roman Shades

Q: A friend suggested I look at Roman Shades as an alternative to my current blinds, but I need to know if I can find ones that fit my “earthy” décor. Basically, are their roman shades that fit my natural decorative style as well as the ones that flatter more contemporary homes?

A: Absolutely! Roman shades are available in a huge selection of fabrics, weaves, colors, and textures. And they also come in a wide variety of light filtering and room darkening styles, too. Some of these shades, most notably the light filtering ones, come in beautiful neutral colors that can soften both the look and the light in a room, really complimenting more earthy styles.

Since roman shades come in such a wide variety of styles, it's easy to find ones that fit the style of your home. These unique shades combine the soft look and feel of drapes with the ease and convenience of shades and blinds.

And, in addition to different colors, textures, and light filtering qualities, you can also choose from a variety of folds. Standard uniform folds are always popular in roman shades, but you can also order shades that lay flat when pulled down or ones that emphasize a looser, more relaxed gather of fabric at the bottom of the shade. Considering your interest in more natural colors and styles, the latter might work best for your home.


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