Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moveable Arch Shades

Q: I just bought a home that has decorative arch windows in the living and dining rooms and need something that can be raised or lowered depending on lighting. I've seen wooden slatted ones, but I'm looking for something that can let in even more light. Any suggestions?

A: Cellular shades come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and, although you can get them as stationary shades, you can also order movable ones. While most fabric and cellular arch shades resemble fan shapes, the movable shades by Hunter Douglas actually have cells that run parallel to the window sill. While this certainly helps them function as movable arch shades, it also give them the aesthetic appeal of matching the other shades in your room.

And, speaking of matching, if you decide to go with the cellular window shades for your arches, you can choose colors and textures that match other Hunter Douglas shades. This means that you can coordinate your movable arch shade to the other shades in your room, too!

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