Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vane Styles for Vertical Shades

Q: I'm looking to get vertical blinds for my big bay window and want to know what my options are. Can you tell me the different vane styles available for vertical blinds? Thanks

A: Most vertical blinds are available as PVC, fabric, and some combination of the two. PVC vanes, much like their vinyl cousins, are rigid, block the light, and often cause a little noise when jostled. They're easy to maintain, however, and come in all sorts of colors.

Weighted fabric vanes also come in a wide variety of colors and textures and are a very quiet alternative to straight PVC. Based on your choice in fabric, you can get a room-darkening vertical blind or a light-filtering set. The best feature of fabric vanes is that they're very soft on both the eyes and the ears.

While straight PVC vanes are rigid and can resemble traditional vinyl vanes, you can certainly mix a rigid center with a textured fabric outer layer to get the best in privacy, light control, and style. These vertical shades combine the best of both features!

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