Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drape-Like Shades

Q: Are there any shades or blinds that have the same soft richness as drapes? I love my drapes and the look of lose fabric, but I was hoping for a convenient solution. Any ideas?

A: Check out Roman Shades! Roman shades are unique to the shade and blind world and combine the soft appeal of fabric drapes with the simplicity and function of shades. There are a few different styles, too. While most people think of lose folds of fabric, roman shades actually come in a variety of styles that range from casual and lose to streamlined and modern. If you're looking for a very lose fabric look, try out hobbled or relaxed roman shades. If you want something more sleek and tailored, look for a classic flat style.

The best thing about roman shades is that they're available in a huge range of fabrics, textures, and patterns. You can even get them in light diffusing fabrics or have them lined to have shades that really darken your room. Either way you'll end up with a soft window treatment that appeals to both aesthetics and function.

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