Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Modern/Simple Style

Q: I'm looking for shades that match a modern style but without the trendy contemporary flair. I'm pretty picky about color, too. Any suggestions?

A: Cellular Shades come in all kinds of colors and have a great low-profile design that matches just about every style. The nice clean lines of cellular shades go great with modern rooms, and they come in all kinds of light diffusing and room darkening options, too. Not only do these shades look great, but they also help insulate your windows to save you energy! Cellular shades also hold up well over time and come with all kinds of control options and different shapes to help you coordinate your windows.

Cellular shades are some of the most popular shades on the market today and compliment virtually every style. There are lots of different brands that manufacture cellular shades and you'll probably want to compare your options before you buy.

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